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Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Resident Tuko (2)

The TOKAY GECKO (Gekko Gecko) is found in Southeast Asia and on islands up to the far west of New Guinea.

             Distinctive orange and blue-turquoise spots on grayish background scales characterize this gecko. Eggs are always laid in pairs, preferably high up between the rafters of our kogon grass roofs (see photo bottom left). Young geckos measure about 4” (10 cm) when they hatch; the adult may grow up to 14” (35 cm).

             Tokay geckos are insectivorous and when threatened, can and will bite hard, so please: do not tease or chase when you see them.

             The RESORT is named after the distinctive call which the male tokay geckos utter frequently:

TUKO-TUKO-TUKO-TUKO-TUKO . . . . .        

Tuko eggs in the raftersResident Tuko (1)

Count the number of calls:

more than eleven times is valued as “Good Luck” !

TUKO Beach Resort

(Tokay Gecko)

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