TUKO Beach ResortBeach Resort

Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

big grasshopper resident Tuko small Monitor Lizard Spider Conch  Harp Shell and Cocks's-comb Oyster Ornate Butterflyfish Pink Tube Sponge and Blue Seastar Sea Anemone with Clownfish Regal Angelfish Blue-ringed Angelfish Tomato Anemonefish Bennett's Butterflyfish Red Soft Coral False Clown Anemone Fish Saddled Butterflyfish Dolphin (courtesy photo)

In calm seas, most likely during late afternoon or early morning trips, it is not unusual to watch schools of DOLPHINS crossing the path of the ferry.

Sometimes, they also play right in front of the resort, best observed from the balcony of the LANAI.

In co-operation with the developer and residents, we are taking the responsibility of protecting and preserving nature very seriously. Amongst other regulations, any kind of hunting on these 15 hectares of spectacular property is strictly forbidden, no motorized vehicles are permitted inside.

As a result, an abundance of exotic wildlife has chosen this peaceful environment as a safe haven.

an abundance of butterflies and mothspair of Lawin with preywatchful young Lawinyoung Lawina small bat with extremely long earsHead of an adult Monitor LizardPraying Mantisundefined spiderfemale MacaqueMacaque looking for papayacolourful catarpillarwasp sealing its food storage

As we do not have much expertise (as yet) to determine fauna and flora in detail, we hope you will follow us in simply accepting nature’s wonders and enjoy the photos below.

A pair of LAWIN decided to choose as their residence the crown of a duhat tree between TUKO BEACH RESORT’s Restaurant and the “Bird” Cottage. Undeterred by human presence, these BIRDS OF PREY successfully raised their young and have returned for three consecutive years.

MACAQUE MONKEYS, a family of at least seven, enjoy the occasional “raid” of fruit trees inside TUKO BEACH RESORT. Whilst we are more than happy to share our papayas, mangos, guavas and bananas, we strictly discourage any attempts of possible taming by hand feeding.


Macaque hiding in treeWhite-throated KingfisherBlack-naped OrioleCollared Kingfisherspider and webcolourful catarpillarsLarge-billed Crow enjoying papayaKarabowmale Macaque - boss of the tribe

The long-tail MACAQUE




other BIRDS

A vast variety of other birds can be observed and heard throughout the day : most noticeable are the colorful kingfishers and flocks of the bright yellow orioles.




Fruit Bat (styloctenium mindorensis)bright green lizard of medium size


Some very lucky snapshots of unusual reptile sightings !

from left :

 small AHAS; green  tree LIZARD; resident TUKO and two photos of the very shy MONITOR Lizard




Under water and on shore:



The little guy with the big ears (left) was discovered hanging on to the kogon roof. Its “cousin” (right), the stripe-faced fruit bat (also known as “flying fox”) was discovered as new species in 2007 and is endemic to the island of Mindoro.


Not strictly within the category of “wildlife”  - but this page would be incomplete without showing photos of the “National Animal” of the Philippines:





young karabowpregnant Karabow in rice fieldkarabow working the rice field

(also known as CARABAO


Water Buffalo)

17 Feb 2011: a pair of bats found in no. 7

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